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Findind your instruction manual

If you're interested in diagnostic and the do it yourself approche of your home appliance repair, the best place to start is probably with your product repair manual. This section includes a list of links to some of the major appliance manufacturer were you can find and download your instruction manuals, owners manuals, safety notices, repair manuals, software updates and other documents that we hope will help guide you to identify the cause of the problem and the proper process with the repair procedures of your homme appliance.

How to Repair Major Appliances

service phone number The following link is an article from on how home appliances are built and how they work, it give a very good over all view on the inner workings, on how to find out what the problem is and on how to fix your appliances. You will also find other useful links that will help you test and repair home appliances.

How stuff works (How to Repair Major Appliances)

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